Terms and Conditions

At Jianhui London we take pride not only in the design and quality of our unique, handmade jewellery but also in our excellent customer service.  All our jewellery is made to order and products are available on a limited basis for seasonal supply and offered subject to availability.

Delivery dates are dependent on the size of the order but we aim to deliver within a 4-week period.  We have a minimum order value of £300.  For orders in the UK over £500, shipping is free.

We will ensure skill, care and diligence in carrying out our obligations under these Terms and Conditions and will abide by all applicable English law. Please be aware that if at any time we do not enforce any of your obligations, it does not mean that we waive the right to do so in the future.

  1. We do not operate a sale or return policy.
  2. Once your payment has been processed, or the items detailed on the sales order have been delivered, you have entered a binding sales contract between yourself and Jianhui London, as defined by English law.
  3. All orders are pro forma. Prices quoted are in pounds sterling and are exclusive of VAT and delivery costs. •We will provide a full written invoice, which describes the products and services we supply, their cost and the VAT you must pay.
  4. Ownership and title of all goods we supply remains with us until we have received full payment of the invoice.
  5. Risks of loss or damage pass to you upon delivery of the items.  We will, of course, accept the return, within 7 days, of any goods that are damaged when you receive them and we will refund the cost of any postage. In such rare circumstances, please return the goods securely packed by ‘recorded delivery’. We will not accept proof of posting as proof of receipt. We will provide a replacement for any damaged items, or if no longer available, a refund of their cost.
  6. All designs are unique to Jianhui London and all designs, and images of designs, are the property of Jianhui London. No right or license to copy or reproduce products supplied by us is transferred by the use of our website or by any sale made. Further, each item must be sold as supplied and not altered in any way. •We trade from the UK and export orders are dispatched solely on a pre-paid basis, with all charges cleared in our UK bank account.
  7. Buyers from EU countries will be required to provide a VAT number, otherwise UK VAT will apply. No VAT will apply for sales in non-EU countries, but you will be responsible for determining whether goods can be legally imported and for the cost of any import tax or duty.

Jianhui London is a Partnership. Jianhui Yan and David Ward are the Partners.

Office located at 16 Gabriel’s Wharf, Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP