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Jubilee Celebrations – In Style

Jianhui London Jubilee Celebrations - MilanJubilee celebrations aren’t just limited to the UK this summer.

In tribute to the Queen, 13 designers were selected by the British Consulate General and the UK Trade & Investment to honour Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee – Italian style.

The Next Pashmina by Jianhui London will sit next to works from the very best of British talent including the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Rachel Galley, Alex Monroe and Jenny Packham in an eclectic display of jewellery (fit for a queen!) in iconic Italian design store, La Rinascente until 24 June.

At the launch, The Next Pashmina was spotted among a throng of camera crews and journalists by none other than Vogue Italia editor, Franca Sozzani, who described the collection as “the most exciting design” she’d seen in a long time. Now all we need is a Royal Warrant by order of the Queen!

Celebratory Pimms anyone?

Jianhui at the V&A

Jianhui London is proud to announce that our hugely popular ‘Next Pashmina‘ collection is ‘exhibiting’ at the V&A shop, the official retail outlet for the Victoria Albert Museum, the world’s greatest museum of art and design. Bold and bright, each of these statement necklaces contains fifteen individual strands of strands of ultralight, ultra smooth wood with each bead carefully crafted using sustainable wood in a fair trade co-operative in China. Take a look and add this iconic piece to your  design collection.

The Next Pashmina

Jianhui London – makes front cover of ‘Trend Forecast’

Find out more by visiting the Creative Boom e-zine or reading below.

British Designer Leads International Fashion Trend – Introducing Rope.

Jianhui London’s rope collection has become the talk of the International fashion world.

After seeing huge success with The Next Pashmina-Wood, British designer Jianhui London once again leads a new fashion trend with the introduction of his rope collection.

He has just returned from Premiere Classe, one of the World’s most famous fashion shows – where his new collection was the talk of the entire event.

The buzz culminated in Jianhui stealing the covers of both Fashion Daily and Trend Forecast magazine.

The Next Pashmina - RopeThe fashion and design guru explains more:

“I always knew that the world would be excited by rope. I took my collections to the show with an eager spirit and was amazed at the results. It turns out that rope is set to become the next fashion trend, with me leading it!” he says.

Jianhui has two collections of rope available. The first is called ‘Rope’ – a cotton rope which looks particularly good on Men. The second, known as ‘The Next Pashmina-Yangmao’ (Yangmao being the Chinese word for sheep fur) is 99% wool and 1% silk. This can be wrapped as a scarf or used in a myriad of other creative ways.

Colours are important to Jianhui. Hence, each collection is available to suit all visual tastes. The Yangmao range comes in a choice of black, chocolate, purple, navy, grey. Rope is available in green, black or grey.

As Jianhui attests, the craftsmanship is world-class:

“Each woolen tube is hand finished and environmentally friendly dyed with the finest of care. We’re following the same practices as we did with our previous collection, The Next Pashmina-Wood, which also took the fashion world by storm” he adds.

The previous collection certainly was popular. Made from tiny pieces of wood yard’s surplus materials, The Next Pashmina is already gracing some of the world’s most elegant shoulders.

Jianhui Yan - front cover of Fashion Daily

Jianhui London takes on Lisbon

Independent jewellery designer, Jianhui Yan, was invited this October by the British Council and British Embassy/UKTI Portugal to showcase his “Next Pashmina” collection at ModaLisboa as part of Lisbon Fashion Week [6 –9 October 2011]. Jianhui Yan was the ONLY British representative at one of the worlds most up and coming fashion weeks and carried the flame in Lisbon for independent jewellers around the UK.

Proudly supporting Portuguese talent for it’s 20th year, ModaLisboa only dipped twice into the sea of international talent and experience, picking Brit designer, Jianhui Yan and Polish Dawid Tomaszewski as guest designers amongst a fiercely talented Portuguese crowd including Alexandra Moura, Ana Salazar, Ricardo Preto, Saymyname, Vitor, White Tent and Maria Gambina.

Jianhui London was honoured at the week by President of ModaLisboa, Eduarda Abbondanza, who singled out Jianhui Yan as ‘one of Britain’s most talented designers’.  Eduarda isn’t the only one dazzled by Jianhui London’s collections. The Next Pashmina collection in particular, with its striking style, bold colours and sustainably sourced materials, has caught the imagination of the people around the world with strong sales on both sides of the Atlantic.

Find out more about the ‘Next Pashmina’ collection

See a video made by the British Embassy about Jianhui and his work.

Flavour your wardrobe this summer

In keeping with current trends, Harper’s Bazaar is featuring a signature ‘Picnic at Jianhui London’ piece, the ‘Yellow Banana Necklace’, in its online shopping section.

From S/S Dior and Stella McCartney to A/W Victoria Beckham and Givenchy, yellow has been one of the biggest transitional trends. Whether you are braving bold fluro-tones, channelling exotic citruses or favouring a retro mustard, brighten up your mood and your wardrobe with a splash of yellow.

Why not flavour your wardrobe this summer with a ‘Picnic at Jianhui London’ jewellery piece? With an array of savoury and fruity favourites, including watermelons, bananas and sweetcorns, there is truely something to suit all tastes. 

Picnic at Jianhui London jewellery is available from our Jianhui London retail store, the Fashion and Textiles Museum and the Elizabeth Galton Studio.

Puurrrfect for the Catwalk…

Jianhui London has been shortlisted in the ’Catwalk Jewels of the Year’ category by the prestigious UK Jewellery Awards in recognition of a fantastic year where Jianhui London jewellery has graced catwalks from Paris to London. Find out more about the UK Jewellery Awards.

Jianhui London Opens First Retail Outlet in Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank

London April 2011 – Jianhui London, creator of artistic and unique jewellery, has opened its first retail outlet in Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank, London.

Jianhui London - Chelsea RoseJianhui Yan the inspirational designer behind Jianhui London has come a long way since his childhood days in China. Having grown up in a rural village in one of the poorest areas of China, Jianhui (pronounced Janway), which means building a splendid life, was given this name by his mother who hoped that one day her son would achieve great things.

As a child Jianhui would spend his days in the mountains where he became fascinated by the colourful display of bright pink, purple and orange flowers, which were in total contrast to the grey and impoverish life that he led. When he arrived in London he was inspired by the jewellery worn by the Capital’s women and began recreating the beautiful flowers that had once captured his young imagination as elegant pieces of jewellery.

Today Jianhui continues to take his inspiration from nature.

The Monet collection comprises individually designed water lilies that can be worn as avant-garde pieces by women who want to stand out from the crowd or as a single flower for those who prefer a more subtle yet elegant look.

For the woman with many roles – partner, mother, daughter, boss and friend – the Chelsea Rose collection combines the elegance of the English countryside with the glamour of urban life.

The daisy is a delicate flower given as a sign of affection. Jianhui’s Daisy collection subtly brings together clusters of the flowers in sophisticated, timeless pieces.

The Next Pashmina is created by using tiny pieces of reclaimed wood. This lightweight necklace was the star of the show at this year’s Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week.

Jianhui’s new collections can be viewed at his new retail outlet on the South Bank – 16 Gabriel’s Wharf, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP or viewed in his Lookbook or by contacting

Cut-outs and high-resolution photographs of the collection are available. The collection is available for call-ins

Journalists bringing this press release to Jianhui London Gabriel’s Wharf outlet will be entitled to 10% off their first purchase in April 2011

Jianhui Press Coverage

Jianhui London Press Coverage - Metro - June
Jianhui London - Press Coverage
Jianhui London - Press Coverage
Jianhui London - Press Coverage
Jianhui London - Press Coverage
Jianhui London - Press Coverage

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