Hotly tipped fashion designer Jianhui premieres eco conscious range

Fashion and design innovator Jianhui will take the spotlight in Paris next month with the release of his latest collection, the Next Pashmina.

Showing at the annual Who’s Next Fashion Show between 6 – 9 July, the collection is ready to cement Jianhui’s stance as a forward-thinking design advocate. Fusing bold, graphic geometrical shapes, vibrant Pantone hues and fluid movement, the range is a must for any fashion enthusiast who wants to make a statement. Founded on the back of his hugely popular first collection, the Next Pashmina is as much project as collection and will include a fashion-forward edit of ready-to-wear dresses, overcoats and vests as well as the designer’s signature scarf-necklace hybrid accessory.

Crafted entirely from wooden cubic beads, the look of Jianhui’s range is progressive and at the same time, holds an air of timeless style. Each wooden bead is shaped and polished to perfection before being woven into shape. The result is a breathtaking statement piece that has the flair of a true luxury fashion piece coupled with the integrity of an eco-conscious ethos.

Pulling on his cultural roots in China, Jianhui sources materials like surplus wood from furniture companies there to help keep wastage of natural resources to a minimum. The designer also makes the most of his sourcing trips to China by helping to educate the factories’ employees on eco matters, most of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jianhui’s innate flair for bringing green credentials and serious design aesthetics together have helped him to garner interest and accolades in the world of high fashion. Having been invited by the President of Lisbon Fashion Week to show his eye-catching collection, the range received critical acclaim as a “classic example of a practical accessory with an artistic twist”. Jianhui has gone on to exhibit his pieces all over the world in many a prestigious arena, such as The Museum Of Modern Art in Manhattan, New York and London’s fashion’s favourite, The V&A Museum.

Jianhui says, “I would say that the Next Pashmina is more of a project than a collection. The work that has gone into sourcing the materials for it has given me even more drive to continue to make pieces with real thought behind them – both from a fashion perspective and a green standpoint.”

For more information on the range and Jianhui, visit The range is available in Jianhui London’s first retail outlet and showroom in Southbank, London.

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