Jianhui London Opens First Retail Outlet in Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank

London April 2011 – Jianhui London, creator of artistic and unique jewellery, has opened its first retail outlet in Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank, London.

Jianhui London - Chelsea RoseJianhui Yan the inspirational designer behind Jianhui London has come a long way since his childhood days in China. Having grown up in a rural village in one of the poorest areas of China, Jianhui (pronounced Janway), which means building a splendid life, was given this name by his mother who hoped that one day her son would achieve great things.

As a child Jianhui would spend his days in the mountains where he became fascinated by the colourful display of bright pink, purple and orange flowers, which were in total contrast to the grey and impoverish life that he led. When he arrived in London he was inspired by the jewellery worn by the Capital’s women and began recreating the beautiful flowers that had once captured his young imagination as elegant pieces of jewellery.

Today Jianhui continues to take his inspiration from nature.

The Monet collection comprises individually designed water lilies that can be worn as avant-garde pieces by women who want to stand out from the crowd or as a single flower for those who prefer a more subtle yet elegant look.

For the woman with many roles – partner, mother, daughter, boss and friend – the Chelsea Rose collection combines the elegance of the English countryside with the glamour of urban life.

The daisy is a delicate flower given as a sign of affection. Jianhui’s Daisy collection subtly brings together clusters of the flowers in sophisticated, timeless pieces.

The Next Pashmina is created by using tiny pieces of reclaimed wood. This lightweight necklace was the star of the show at this year’s Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week.

Jianhui’s new collections can be viewed at his new retail outlet on the South Bank – 16 Gabriel’s Wharf, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP or viewed in his Lookbook or by contacting info@jianhui.co.uk

Cut-outs and high-resolution photographs of the collection are available. The collection is available for call-ins

Journalists bringing this press release to Jianhui London Gabriel’s Wharf outlet will be entitled to 10% off their first purchase in April 2011

. Published 12th April 2011 under Press Releases.
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